From a single unit for small farmers and producers to hundreds of deployments for large enterprises, we are uniquely positioned through our strategic partnerships to provide any sized project with the same level of detail and attention.

The Solar Cool Cube™ line of products was designed, built and field-tested by a team of the world’s most well respected refrigeration engineers working in close collaboration with solar power engineers and experts. Our manufacturing standards and optional features surpass all other commercial products. The units are freestanding, designed to be fully powered by renewable energy and withstand hurricane strength wind loads and remotely monitored via a cellular connection on your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. All our PV solar control and energy conversion equipment is “Powered by Outback”. Outback Power has been providing robust solar power equipment designed for the harshest environmental conditions for over 30 years and is a trusted name in the industry.

Our solution to the cold chain problem begins with the Solar Cool Cube™ basic concept.  This 20 m³ modular walk-in refrigerator that is expandable in increments of 20 cubic meters and is able to store everything from fruit to fish and from vegetation to vaccines, wherever these products are harvested or needed.  It may be incorporated into multiple locations convenient to farmers on a truck pickup route; installed in a business; or used in a vending operation at roadside markets. Additionally, the Solar Cool Cube™ line extends to include products such as the Solar Ice Cube™ and Solar Milk Chiller™.

The Solar Cool Cube can also be configured to provide excess energy and includes outlets for charging cell-phones and laptops and powering LED lighting. Weather stations and system monitoring equipment can also be added.

All our systems are designed to meet site-specific demands based on our client’s needs. Our engineers will work with you to develop your own team for the installation, maintenance and any other ongoing service needed at the site.

Designed for multiple sized enterprises; farmers, dairy and fishery cooperatives, horticulture, hospitals, health clinics, disaster, refugee and military food service use and more. Its internal space can be organized for rental of cold space to businesses, community users and others. 2-year financing options are available through different payment plans and options.


  • Agricultural Product Storage: Dairy, Meats, Fish, Eggs, Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, and Floral Products
  • Aquaculture Product Storage
  • Roadside Marketplace
  • Medical
  • Vaccines- includes redundancy of all systems for units larger than 20 m3 and the ability to monitor conditions. Enables the distribution of vaccines and other pharmaceutical or biological products from single large facilities.
  • Disaster Relief
  • Mortuary Purposes- holds deep freezing temperatures with a larger solar system and change in refrigerant. Optional Morgue trays are available that meet body insolation standards
  • Frozen Foods and Products with special temperature options
  • Ice Making