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Our Mission: To provide renewable energy solutions that expand businesses, enhance livelihoods and empower communities by developing a refrigerated supply chain for temperature-sensitive products in emerging markets.

What Is the Cold Chain & Why It Matters

A cold chain is a logistics system that maintains uninterrupted control of correct cold storage temperatures while transporting, warehousing and distributing temperature sensitive products. By providing solutions to breaks in this chain, we enable farmers, clinics, emergency service providers, food markets, restaurants and enterprises to preserve products, eliminate food waste, increase profitability, food safety, vaccine and medicine viability and improve the livelihoods and health of communities throughout the world.

Who We Are

DGridEnergy is a manufacturer of off-grid solar-powered, modular and expandable walk-in refrigeration systems for temperature sensitive products.

What We Provide

  • Assessment of customer needs and assistance in optimal system design
  • Shipping and on-site assembly
  • Customer training
  • Remote monitoring of system performance
  • Ongoing remote technical support
  • Expert rapid response field service
  • Financing- Up to 2-year payment plans

Our Story

Formed in 2016, DGridEnergy, LLC is a Washington, DC based social benefits company established to address the extreme need and growing demand for refrigeration in developing countries. We designed and developed The Solar Cool Cube, a solar powered walk-in refrigerator now being sold throughout the world. Our sales and testing center is located at the University of the District of Columbia Muirkirk Experimental Farm. Potential customers are encouraged to visit and learn how DGrid Energy can meet your refrigeration needs. Contact us today to set up a tour.


Meet The Team

DGridEnergy, LLC is made up of trained professionals across the refrigeration and renewable energy sectors, each with a personal goal and mission to make cold storage and a reliable cold chain possible anywhere in the world.

Eugene Faison
Eugene FaisonCEO
Mr. Faison has worked in more than 50 countries around the world providing technical assistance, communications and marketing services. As a social entrepreneur, he has led companies that have conceptualized and implemented major campaigns for United States Agency for International Development, GlaxoSmithKline, Nike, The World Bank, Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation, Zain Mobile, ImagineNations, and more. These business initiatives have focused on investment promotion, agricultural development, and import/export promotion.
Nick Wynne
Nick WynneChief Technical Officer
Mr. Wynne is an electrical engineer. He has experience with both electronics and thermal insulation technology for solar-powered vaccine coolers intended for third world, off-grid health clinics that were later adopted by USAMMA and the CDC for vaccine transport. He developed the world’s first battery-operated compression refrigerated Unit Loading Device (ULD) for aircraft cargo bay transport, receiving 11 issued patents related to vacuum insulation. Mr. Wynne also developed the first GMA pallet-sized battery-powered refrigerated container for placement in tractor-trailers to enable consolidation of refrigerated freight.
James Rusty Eason
James Rusty EasonManaging Director of Operations
James Rusty Eason is an expert in operations of 3rd party logistics and cold storage facilities. He has successfully achieved revenue, profit and business growth objectives within start-ups, turnaround and rapid-change environments. With extensive experience in multiple business sectors including agri-business and seafood, he is customer focused and performance driven. Rusty is based in Nairobi, Kenya and has worked throughout Africa, the Middle East and South America.
Sequoya Cross
Sequoya CrossEVP & Director of Solar Operations
Former CEO of two solar companies, Mrs. Cross spent 14 years managing operations and supply chain for distribution and manufacturing throughout the renewable energy sector. Her passion is to connect with people and companies that mirror her desire for improving basic human needs through access to energy. She works with multiple organizations that extend the reach of energy accessibility for a sustainable future. Sequoya is a member of Energy Access Practitioner Network for the UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative and the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), as well as Cal SEIA, furthering her involvement on many levels with solar policy and change.
Christopher Lord
Christopher LordAdvisory Board
Christopher J. Lord is the Managing Director of CapIron, Inc., a firm he founded in 2011, to provide advisory and consulting services to businesses, projects, utilities, development companies and manufacturers in the energy and sustainability sectors. Prior to founding CapIron, Mr. Lord served as Hannon Armstrong’s EVP and General Counsel for seven years and EVP, Renewable Energy for 2 years, during which time he worked on pioneering securitization of over $1.5 billion of energy efficiency transactions.
Paul Shmotolokha
Paul ShmotolokhaAdvisory Board: Senior Vice-President International - Alpha Technologies
With over 24 years of international business experience with a focus on broadband, telecommunications, renewable energy and sustainability Paul currently manages Alpha’s and Outback Power’s market presence in over 100 countries. Paul joined Alpha Technologies in 2003 and has overseen a tenfold increase in the international business with expansion into numerous new market segments. Paul has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Paul was also a Captain in the United States Army serving in Special Operations.
Paul graduated Magna Cum Laude in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, Paul speaks fluent Spanish and Ukrainian.

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