Become a Distributor

DGridEnergy is working closely with local companies to establish distribution of the Solar Cool Cube throughout the world. Become part of this movement by working closely with our engineering team to develop solar powered cold chain solutions throughout your region. Benefits of distribution include access to discounted pricing on our complete line of offerings, as well as the ability to build out a team of local technicians to install and service the units that you sell to local users. There are various revenue models that you can employ such as PayGo opportunities for storage of product at local markets, leasing of internal space to local farmers at a lower cost, and cellphone charging in marketplaces.

DGridEnergy works closely with your team to develop economic benefit and training to local participants. Our goal to to build the cold chain infrastructure in areas that have limited access to grid power and are traditionally underserved when it comes to food preservation and cold storage. Our units can be utilized in a variety of applications including:

  • Horticultural & Agricultural Food Storage
  • Fisheries
  • Dairies and Milk Production Facilities
  • Ice-Making
  • Vaccines
  • Mortuary Services

Our Current Distributors

Africa Energy
Box 664, Saint David,
AZ 85630 USA


Invest In Us

We are currently seeking social investors that want to partner with DGridEnergy in the implementation of Solar Powered Cold Chain Solutions throughout the world. If you are interested in becoming part of the solution, please contact us directly.