Democratic Republic of Congo


Centre De Recherche Pour Le Development Integree (CDRI)


Outside Kinshasa, DRC


To provide a completely off-grid solar refrigeration solution for agricultural use within the country that could be remotely monitored and transmit usage data to the Centre De Recherche Pour Le Development Integree (CDRI) as well as to the engineering team. Additional training on solar installation and cold storage methodology that the local community could continue to employ for future installs and the creation of Cold Chain practices within the region.


Over the course of five days, the DGridEnergy team worked alongside enthusiastic locals to train, install and deploy a 20m3 Solar Cool Cube for agricultural use in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Centre De Recherche Pour Le Development Integree (CDRI) was on hand during the installation, and was excited with the prospects of being able to provide secure cold storage of a variety of agricultural products produced on the farm.

The entire system is powered from off-grid solar with battery storage, and will provide around the clock power for the refrigeration unit. Produce will retain increased freshness for delivery to local markets and will help local farmers realize an increase in profitability from their products.

Project Specifications:

20m3  Solar Cool Cube with 3.6kW of Solar and Pre-assembled Magnum Inverter based system, 1000Ah of Battery Storage

System is able to provide cold storage for fresh produce harvested on the farm.