BMIL Technoloies, LLC & World Health Organization Test Location


BMIL Technologies, LLC as Test Base for World Health Organization Certifications


Morehead City, North Carolina


As part of our ongoing product development, we wanted to establish a test base within the US where we could monitor the final system design and provide data to future clients. Along with this, we engineered and developed this system within the World Health Organization Guidelines for medium scale vaccine refrigeration.

Tasked with developing solar powered system to run a 20m3 Solar Cool Cube that could provide hub based storage for vaccines and other medical related products for villages and clinics. The system needed to provide test data in an applicable setting, complimenting standards set forth by WHO. System needed to be as replicative to emerging market conditions and use. Data collected from the site needed to be analyzed and projected out to various governmental organizations as a test bed for product viability.


System was designed around guidelines and parameters, providing redundant and secure cold storage. We installed the system and set-up all solar powered systems. WHO was invited to review the system in place and provide feedback on approval for use and viability in emerging markets. System monitoring has shown that the renewable energy system more than exceeds the load of the cooling system.

As an additional coincidental test scenario, this system was able to withstand the conditions of Hurricane Florence in September of 2018 without any damage or loss of functionality.

Project Specifications:

20m3  Solar Cool Cube with 3.6kW Solar Array and Outback Power pre-assembled FP1 system with  920 Ah of Battery Storage- NanoCarbon VRLA


System is able to provide cold storage for vaccines and food products and be remotely monitored via a cellular connection


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